Wednesday, October 28, 2009


What is the most important question? What is the question behind that question?

Life is filled with questions. How we answer them is who we are. Questions, questions, questions. How we learn, and when we think we have the answer—one that doesn't lead to other questions— how we stop learning.

Some questions are trivial, some are profound. Some lead to insight, change, revolution, and transformation; others to frustration and atrophy. A “good” question is one that leads to many more questions; a great question is one that sets in motion a cascade of inquiry.

Our questions reflect what we are concerned with, what we are reading, what we value, who we are communicating with, what we are hungry for. Some are “naïve,” as judged by “experts.” Others, often by experts, are so specialized they make sense to only a few people.

Questions have a power to them; they automatically organize the mind in certain directions. Someone asks you a question and it structures your mind in a way that provides an answer. Questions have the power to divide people and/or bring them together.

What is the biggest question you can ask? What is your Big Question?

Buckminster Fuller said “Dare to be naïve.” Please feel free to be so.

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